Underwater Sports

San Andres is the perfect setting for water sports given to its greater appeal clear this, If you want to experience for you the adrenaline and excitement of some of these sports, here are some that you should definitely try on your visits to the island


This activity is one of the most common in San Andrés and the easiest to access, with this you can test your resistance to breathing in semi-deep waters practicing it while appreciating all the marine life.


San Andrés is the most appropriate place, almost perfect for diving, since every year the island is visited by more than 1,000 professional divers and amateurs to practice it, but it is not necessary to be a professional diver to perform this activity.


If you love adventure and thrills, windsurfing is definitely for you, glide over the sea next to a board and a sailboat that will be suspended in the air with which you will drive through the beautiful sea of San Andrés


With this activity you will be 100 meters above sea level, moored with a safety team while a boat pulls you, you will not have to worry about your well-being since they will also accompany you experts at all times, This is certainly one of the experiences you should live.
Without a doubt carry out one of these activities can make your experience even more exciting and will be something that very difficult forget, do not hesitate to perform any of these activities, certainly can enrich your trip

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